Learn the drills & techniques the pros use to improve their game!
Proven drills that work!
  •  Over 40 video hitting drills thoroughly explained and demonstrated.
  •  After meticulously studying the swing path of some of the best ball players in the country, we have created the ultimate online training program.
  •  "When you change the way you practice, you change the way you perform" 
- Over 40 video hitting drills thoroughly explained and demonstrated.

- After meticulously studying the swing path of some of the best ball players in the country, I have created the ultimate online training program.

 - "When you change the way you practice, you change the way you perform" 
Introducing The Hit LAB Online Training Program!
I - Changing The Way You Practice
One of the biggest misconceptions about hitting is that you have to hit a bunch balls in order to improve your swing. When, in fact, you only need a few really great drills and a simple understanding of the swing phases to improve your swing. It’s actually bad to spend hours in the cage and take hundreds of swings without a plan. This is because after a while, your body starts to fatigue and your form and swing start to diminish, causing bad habbits. 

According to the law of diminishing return, which basically states that when we increase our workload or practice time in the cage, after a certain point the results or improvements we can make begin to diminish. You see there is a certain threshold when we practice and once that threshold is reached the results and improvements gained are marginal if any. 

This is why we created a series of video drills in order to save players hours of wasted time in the cage. With these short but actionable video drills, players can now focus on the key phases of the swing they are strugling with and improve without feeling lost, confused, or over trained. 
II - Say Good-Bye To Long Hours In The Cage
Look we are not saying the drills taught in this program aren't going to take time to learn and master. Nor, are we saying to not put in long hours of practice, because that is necessary from time to time. However, what we are saying is you don't need to be spending hours in the cage without an actionable plan to follow. With these hand picked and throughly explained drills we have developed you can easily find drills to help you improve your swing and take your game to the next level. 
III - The Six Phases Of The Swing 
After playing pro ball for a few years and working with some of the best coaches and players, we have been able to develop a deep understanding of the swing. Since leaving the pros we have been meticulously analyzing some of the best swings in the game and studying what works. By doing this continually we were able to develope the six phases of the swing. By breaking down the swing into these six phases it makes it easier for players to understand what phase of the swing they need to work on. The drills taught in this program will cover all phases of the swing and will throughly explain and demonstrate how to perform each drill. 
IV - The Blueprint
So you are struggling with your swing and don't know what to do. Not to worry, we have laid out the perfect blueprint for your success. All you have to do is submit a video of your swing so we can make the proper assessment. This could be in game or practice film, please make sure to include multiple swings and not just one at bat. Then we will assign specific video drills for you to work on based on our assessment. By doing this players are now able to make improvements on their swing by focusing on key drills. 
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Swing Phases & Program Break Down

  •  Gather Intro
  •  Step Back Drill
  • Drop Step Drill
  • Flamingo Drill
  • "Loading the rear hip is essential to efficiently getting the body ready for the swing. "

  •  Positive Move Intro
  •  Flamingo Drill
  •  Skater Drill
  •  Knee Drill
  •  "Creating a positive move will allow the swing to start from the ground up."
  •  Sequencing Intro
  •  Lower Half Rotational Drills
  •  Upper Body Rotational Drills
  • "When done correctly the lower half will allow the upper body to connect and create a consistent swing." 
  •  Contact Intro
  •  Ahead In The Count Drill
  •  Even In The Count Drill
  •  2 Strike Approach Drill
  • "Understanding the count will allow hitters to determine where contact point needs to be."
  •  Extension Intro
  •  90 Degree Drill
  •  45 Degree Drill
  •  Back Shoulder Drill
  • "To be a successful hitter we must hit through the baseball."
  •  Finish Intro
  •  V Drill Drill
  •  Drop Bat Drill
  • "Never often mentioned and usually forgotten but the best hitters take their extension to the finish." 
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